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Encompassing all possible charging options, from video tolling to dual DRSC-RFID, including fully automated reversible and non-intrusive AET gantry using thermal imaging technology.

Road User
Management Solutions

Paying per mile travelled is increasingly seen as a smarter way to fund road networks, particularly with the rise of electric cars and the rapid spread of ever-higher fuel-efficient vehicles.

Data & Interoperability

We have developed a cloud-based solution which allows multiple providers to seamlessly and securely share their transactions.

Mobility Back Office &
Customer Solutions

A highly scalable and customer-centric application which addresses the numerous operational challenges that come with a wide diversity of transport schemes and tariff structures.


Mobility Customer Experience: Our top tips for managing customer service and mobility back office

About Emovis

Emovis has come a long way regarding mobility. We’ve spent 40 years managing highways, roadsides and developing our own innovative solutions. This period of international experience has allowed emovis to incorporate cutting edge solutions with best in class customer handling while innovating technology and processes to meet changing requirements. It spans multiple areas of our expertise, including planning, design, digital services and customer behaviour.

With over 600 employees, emovis has developed a remarkable team with exceptional industry skills and knowledge to successfully plan, implement, operate and maintain mobility projects, while ensuring high quality output at all times.

Our Irish team truly understands that the ability to deliver new smart mobility solutions is not just linked to the transportation side of the business. It reaches across multiple areas of our expertise, including planning, design, digital services and customer behavior. Together with our clients, we strategically connect mobility solutions to networks managed by authorities or other Mobility-as-a service providers. Our clients are always looking to the future and now with emovis their mobility partner is too.

Emovis benefits

As an agile multifunctional international operation, the benefits are endless when it comes to working with emovis.

Commitment, flexibility, passion and excellence
International multidisciplinary teams
Total delivery capacity from design, installation to operations
Direct access to Abertis' worldwide operations
In-house engineering capability
High performing Customer Service Centre operation
Fully integrated technological solutions
Multi Award Winning


Barrier Free Tolling: The M50, Dublin

The M50 was originally designed as a Dublin bypass for 15,000 passages a day. A private company built the bridge and toll plaza for €20M in return for a 30-year concession. Unexpected growth meant the M50 is now used by an average daily traffic of 145,000 in 2018. In effect the M50 created its own traffic. This growth created the need for free-flow tolling. Transport Infrastructure Ireland engaged with emovis after a procurement process to deliver a solution. We now manage and operate Dublin’s M50 barrier free tolling system from end to end. As one of Irelands busiest roads we manage the infrastructure, operations, customer service, public information, fleet management, digital transformation and finance. We do it all.


App Development: M50 Quick Pay

In 2017, one of the main challenges our client faced was the rapid growth in mobile use. In order to increase compliance, be progressive and provide customers with the best service offerings available under the eflow brand we developed the innovative M50 Quick Pay App to meet customer expectations. 


Data Solutions: Irish Interoperability

Ireland has seen an increase in population growth of 8% since 2006 to 4.6 Million and car ownership now stands at 2.5 Million. With tag service providers issuing more than 500,000 tags, this means that 1 out of 5 cars in Ireland now have a tag. As there are 11 toll roads on the Irish Network, 10 conventional barrier toll plazas in addition to the well-known M50 barrier free toll. The IMSP hub facilitates interoperability on the Irish Network and is managed by emovis Ireland.


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In Vancouver, we operate the All Electronic Tolling system of the Port Mann Bridge. This is North America’s largest toll point (with 12 traffic lanes).


We converted Puerto Rico’s busiest highway corridors (PR-22 and PR-5) into a full All Electronic Tolling highway. We are currently operating this AET system for Metropistas.


We operate Dublin’s M50 barrier-free tolling system, one of Ireland’s busiest roads (+120,000 vehicles per day).


In 2017, we will operate via MerseyFlow the New Mersey Gateway whose funding was made possible thanks to the use of free-flow tolling.


We also operate Ireland’s cloud based toll hub, connecting 11 Toll Roads and processing transactions for over 500,000 tags issued by 14 different Toll Service Providers.


In Vancouver, we also operate the All Electronic Tolling system of the Golden Ears Bridge, the first electronic tolled bridge in Western Canada.


We operate the free-flow All Electronic Tolling system for London’s Dartford Crossing, the UK’s busiest traffic hot spots with traffic peaking at 180,000 vehicles per day.


In Québec, we are currently upgrading and will maintain the All Electronic Tolling system of the A25 highway between the cities of Laval and Montréal.


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