Data Solutions: Irish Interoperability

About the IMSP

As experts in data solutions and interoperability we have developed and managed the innovative IMSP in Ireland for many years. The IMSP is a bespoke system. The IMSP hub provides essential communication and clearing of Toll Charges between the various Tag Service Providers. It takes a complex communication requirement and smoothly facilitates accurate and seamless billing to all tag customers, while providing ancillary services to all Tag Providers.

As operator of the IMSP, emovis supports the interoperability between 11 Toll Chargers and 3 Tag Service Providers. Essentially, the IMSP is a clearing system between Toll Charges and Tag Service Providers. Every day, 160 files are exchanged between the IMSP Hub and each Toll company in Ireland. As a result, more than 2,000 files are exchanged every day on the network.

A Ground Breaking Success Since Day 1


Tag Transactions since inception up to 2018 cleared by the IMSP


Tag Transactions per annum managed by the IMSP


increase of transactions

First interoperability hub in Europe

Tag Transactions per annum managed by the IMSP

Why did Ireland
need this solution?

Ireland has seen an increase in population growth of 8% since 2006 to 4.6 Million and car ownership now stands at 2.5 Million. With tag service providers issuing more than 500,000 tags, this means that 1 out of 5 cars in Ireland now have a tag. As there are 11 toll roads on the Irish Network, 10 conventional barrier toll plazas in addition to the well-known M50 barrier free toll. The IMSP was needed to facilitate interoperability on the Irish Network, this has a number of benefits:

IMSP Benefits

Benefits to Motorists

The full interoperability on the Irish motorway network is of significant benefit to road users in general and in particular to strategic users (fleet customers) as it makes the customer experience at the Toll Chargers fast and easy.

Benefits to Authority

The interoperability greatly contributes to the increase of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) on the network which is a key objective for the National Road Authority.

Benefits to Toll Operators

The more tag transactions that are made at a plaza, the easier it is for the Toll Charger to manage traffic and to optimise the Toll Collection

Our End to End IMSP Solution

Emovis manage the IMSP from end to end across technical, financial, stakeholder management, operational and added value such as marketing; and a unique portal area that is used by all the
Toll companies in Ireland on a daily basis.


Emovis ensures that data files are received and distributed each day dealing with Toll Chargers, Tag Service Providers and Authority issues if they arise. We also support the security elements of the data transfers.


Emovis manages the reconciliation of Toll Chargers and Tag Service Providers transaction files with settlement statements. Service Users receive a single invoice from the Toll Chargers or the Tag Service Providers where a customer has an account set up.


Emovis chairs, co-ordinates and participates in IMSP meetings, resolves toll chargers, tag service providers and authority issues. Handle Disputes in a simplified and efficient manner


There are 14 toll companies using the IMSP system, 11 Toll Chargers and 3 Tag Service Providers. Our dedicated helpdesk provides support to all these stakeholders in Ireland and monitors the file traffic being exchanged.


We also support Toll Chargers and Tag Service Providers by offering value added services such as marketing to support the awareness of tag providers under the eToll brand. Our marketing team manage the advertising and promotion of the brand eToll and the unique website

The IMSP: An actor in
sustainable mobility

All the Toll Chargers in Ireland are connected to the IMSP Hub and most of the toll plazas are equipped with express lanes. As a result, a tag owner can travel on the Irish motorway network without having to stop or queue at a barrier. This considerably decreases CO2 emissions as the traffic is more fluid at the plaza. A customer has also a single tag account with the records of all the transactions made on the network which considerably decreases the number of physical receipts being issued.

Having successfully delivered and operated this integrated solution servicing all competing tag providers, emovis is uniquely well placed to build on this success. We are confident in our ability to pave the way for future Interoperability within Ireland to support mobility and future transport needs of authorities and/or mobility-as-a-service providers.The IMSP is a model for a mature solution that is secure and fully tested but future proofed.

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