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5 Sure-fire Ways to Improve Business Operations Efficiency

There is nothing more important in business than operating efficiently. So, there is no better time than now to get the wheels in motion.

An efficient business saves money on needless costs and utilises assets and resources effectively. Without efficiency, the business cannot operate as it should or more importantly to the standard it holds for itself and more importantly in comparison to your competition.

Operations efficiency is about looking at the resources you have, regardless of how limited they might be and improving performance through cost-saving and the most advanced methods available to you.

1. Have an open door policy

Employees needs to believe that they can comfortably reach out to you to talk. Be it through technology or face to face, they need to know they are able to express everything and anything from ideas to their own complaints without feeling anyway anxious about it. If you create the right atmosphere where you employees have a clear understanding that they can go to with important issues, you will naturally relieve stress and create a trusting environment. The saying ‘The left hand not knowing what the right is doing’ is one of the most famous complaints in business, so creating secure and safe lines for employees to interact should be taken seriously. If you don’t want physically leave your door open, simply let your staff know that they are welcome to come to you with anything they need.

2. Training

Find the best ways to keep your employees up to speed and make sure they are aware of the latest policies, strategies and tactics behind their role. New training doesn’t have to break the bank, you can take advantage of webinars, seminars, videos, in-house training and off-site training. There is so much free knowledge available to us online nowadays that the options are limitless. In addition, everyone loves a challenge and to learn something new so by keeping your staff up to speed, they might just thank you for it!

3. Increase Employee Satisfaction

No one likes to feel unappreciated, in work or at home but this is one of the biggest employee complaints in the workplace. Granted everyone can’t match the likes of Google but turning the offices into a games room but you can do little things to help your employees feel valued and appreciated. These words cost nothing, ‘thank you’, ‘well done’ or ‘great job, fair play’. Or why not treat them to lunch every now and then to make them feel special? A happy employee gives 110% all the time.

4. Keeping up to date with technology

If you want to stay competitive, you need to stay on top of your technology. If a company does not account for technology updates or dismisses them as unimportant, your efficiency will suffer the consequences. Outdated technology stalls efficiency, which in turn slows everything down. To stay on top of your game, update your technology so you don’t fall behind.

5. Go easy on the ‘print’ button

Studies show that one of the most wasteful business activities is printing. Everyone has been in a situation where they’ve got up to go to the printer only to find, their file did not print, there’s a paper jam, its out of paper, the ink has run out or in some cases you’ve printed 100 pages by accident, not ideal. Not only does it waste paper and energy, but it wastes time too. You should stress to your employees the importance of wasting paper and ask them if they really need to print their document. Other alternatives is emailing it on or waiting until the final version is ready before sending it to print.