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Going Green in a Workplace

Thinking of going green in your workplace?

By making simple changes you can improve the overall efficiency of a business, reduce unnecessary waste and save money on utility and supply costs. The larger goal of making these changes is to maintain the health of the environment, by being more environmentally conscious we can prevent the waste of natural resources and take measures to reduce the amount we consume. You can start small and make low-cost changes which don’t require a lot of money.

Top Tips for Going Green


  • Start a Go Green Committee

A dedicated green committee can be vital in maintaining Green procedures within a company, groups with a dedicated focus and purpose can also boost morale among staff members.  The two main areas the green committee may look at are the reduction of single use plastics in the workplace and educating employees on sustainability. The first meeting should look at fixing the basics and form actionable plans to bring to management, making sure to have representatives from each department to build the green ethos throughout the company.

  • Turning off Monitors

Reminding staff to turn off lights in unused offices and making sure their monitors are turned off before leaving the building can save energy and reduce utility costs for the company.  It is a simple but cost-effective tip which can often see a huge impact on electricity savings.

  • Less Printing/ Going Digital

Many companies use too much paper, printing on both sides of the page can lower a company’s spend on materials and reduce waste. Refilling ink cartridges instead of throwing them away is another economic and money saving idea that reduces the amount of plastic thrown away from the cartridge and packaging.

  • Recycling

Place recycling bins in the office break room to prevent items like plastic and cans from going to the dump. Post signs on or above the bins with a list of recyclable items, we also recommend training any new staff on how to use the bins correctly and the importance of recycling.

  • Introduce Tax Saver’s tickets

Introducing Tax Saver’s tickets discourages car use and gives an incentive for employees to make the change to public transport instead. This change looks at reducing carbon footprint, encourages exercise and reduces traffic congestion.

  • Promote bike to work schemes

Bike to work schemes can improve your company’s environmental image, reduces carbon pollution and demonstrates corporate social responsibility. It also promotes healthier more energised employees. Cycling to work can reduce traffic congestion and fewer parking spaces will be in demand in the workplace.


Author: Manus Byrne

Head of Quality & Risk

emovis Operations Ireland