M50 Barrier Free Toll

About the M50 Barrier Free Toll

The M50 was originally designed as a Dublin bypass for 15,000 passages a day. A private company built the bridge and toll plaza for a 30-year concession. Unexpected growth meant the M50 is now used by an average daily traffic of 145,000 in 2018. In effect the M50 created its own traffic. This growth created the need for free-flow tolling. Transport Infrastructure Ireland engaged with emovis after a procurement process to deliver a solution. We manage and operate Dublin’s M50 barrier free tolling system from end to end - covering infrastructure, operations, customer service, public information, fleet management, digital solutions and finance. We do it all. See below some figures as of year end 2018.

A Ground Breaking Success Since Day 1


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M50 Barrier Free Toll

Our end to end solution covers all areas of barrier free tolling. Take a look below at some of the many areas we cover

Getting your organisation ‘digital-ready’ can be daunting. Our Digital Transformation capabilities allow us to take advantage of emerging technologies to streamline higher returns across technology, data, employees, security and customer experience. Our innovative M50 app is one example of this transformation within tolling customer experience.


We work with organisations that are highly regulated to deliver a first class customer service experience to their customers. We achieve this by putting the customer at the center of everything we do.


The threat of cyber attacks has never been more apparent in Ireland. Today’s business environment is global and highly-interconnected, increasing an organisation’s probability of cyber threats. Organisations must remain secure, vigilant and resilient to both minimise risk and optimise new opportunities. emovis understands that organisations have a responsibility to guard their employees, vendors, partners and customers against these threats. That’s why our in house team of experts manage a range of managed security services to keep our clients and their organisation protected.


emovis has award winning marketing personnel who have overall ownership of the planning, implementation and execution of large scale, highly targeting public information campaigns across the entire island of Ireland. We have developed a strong brand with consumer support.

Managing customer perception and attitudes to tolling is critical for a barrier free system like the M50. Public information plays an important role in consumer change management and we have demonstrated how effective public information strategies can help break down consumer resistance to change and encourage the desired behavior when it comes to acceptance of tolling in Ireland.


At emovis we have extensive experience managing free flow crossings and enforcement operations. We manage the end-2-end enforcement process, from the initial letters through to court processes. Critical to success is agreeing with Authorities what the operational objectives are. Our continuous improvement and business intelligence approach continues to improve revenue collection.


At emovis we recognise that different customer, have different needs. As such, we have implemented our Fleet/Business account services on the M50. The objectives of these services include:

  • Continuity-of-Care is critical: Fleet Customers need to be able to talk to the same agent each time. An agent who understands their business and has an understanding of the account history
  • Relationship Matters: Meeting Fleet Customers and Industry Bodies personally and being seen to actively engage is a crucial aspect of service proposition and critical to compliance
  • Customer Understanding: Putting yourself in the “customers’ shoes” and understanding the impact of a barrier-free toll on their business is critical to success.

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