M50 Quick Pay App

About the Project

Managed and operated by emovis Ireland, eflow is the brand name for the barrier-free tolling system on Dublin’s M50 motorway. eflow is also a provider of electronic tags for use on all toll roads in the Republic of Ireland. In 2017, one of the main challenges we faced was the rapid growth in mobile use. In order to increase compliance, be progressive and provide our customers with the best service offerings available, we needed an app.

We developed the M50 Quick Pay app – a dynamic, visually beautiful and most importantly, super user-friendly app as an additional way to pay the M50 toll fast and hassle-free. We concluded it was best practice to deliver the app in two phases: to better understand our customer’s response to the new app and adjust in the second phase accordingly.

The Results

The M50 Quick Pay app helped increase our service offering to eFlow customers but also enabled us to improve service delivery based on the usage patterns of our registered app users. Since producing the app for eFlow, we are now able to analyse our customer’s journeys in depth to fully understand their needs.

To date, we’ve seen immense growth with the M50 Quick Pay app. Revenue went from just over €1,000 per month in January 2017 to over €100,000 per month by 2019.

See below some figures from January 2017 up to the end of April 2019 for the M50 Quick Pay App:

Key Statistics


Total App Installs


Total Payments via App


Total Revenue via App


Growth in Installs


Annual Payments Growth


Annual Revenue Growth

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